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Apr 21, 2012

Effect of unequal voltage on two alternator

Genarally we are fimiliar with this issue in power plant When alternetor are operating in parallel candition or synchronising Candition.

 Let's consider two alternators having their emf

"Ea" and  "Eb"  
Same  in phase but different in their magnitude.
The resultant emf, Er  Being equal to "Ea -Eb" 
Er =Ea-Eb it is  acted the local circuit and causes 
synchronizing current  “ Isy” around the local circuit. 
This synchronizing current “Isy”
lags behind Er or Ea by 90 degree.

Thus synchronizing current “Isy produce “Demagnetizing effect on machine  1
Resulting thereby reduction in  emf of machine 1 “Ea” and 
Magnetizing effect on machine No 2 resulting thereby increase in “Eb” of machien 2.
Thus Difference  between of E1 and E2 is  reduced and Stable Condition Is Established,
Thus Machine will operated on balanced condition.!

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